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Zubia Brothers

Pistoleros 20th Anniversary article
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"Parts of Yesterday" review
Pistoleros made the list of "100 Years of Music That Defined Arizona"
Los Guys
Los Guys show review
Parts of Yesterday
Mark Zubia steps out of the shadow of his rock band day job -- guitarist for the Pistoleros, on his solo debut. Zubia chose to write in a variety of Americana styles instead of limiting himself to the more straight-ahead rock of his other band. Country, it's cousin honky-tonk, folk and pop styles are used as backing for Zubia's stories of lost love, and freedom from broken hearts. His bluesy voice provides a gentle balance to the rich textures behind him. Fans of the Pistoleros will want to check this out to see what has been hiding in the shadows. Fans of confessional bluesy-roots rock will want to give it a listen because Zubia has a sensitivity that makes you believe he lived all of these songs. -- Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music (El Rey)
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Pistoleros' 'Hang on to Nothing' comes in at #10 of top 25 albums

"Voices on the Street," Zubia Brothers

Co-founders of local legends The Pistoleros, Lawrence and Mark Zubia's debut under their surname is one of the best releases to come out of the Tempe music scene in the past decade. One listen to the title track lets the listener know that this will be a record of exorcised demons, ghosts of Tempe's past and personal confessions, all wrapped up in the Zubia's trademark roots rock.

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THE PISTOLEROS: This Tempe, Ariz., fivepiece does for Americana what regional counterparts like the Gin Blossoms did for college-radio guitar pop. The follow-up to their Hollywood Records album "Hang On To Nothing" is a self-titled, self-released effort.