Born and raised in the overheated environs of Phoenix, Arizona, Zubia has become a veritable institution in the state, helping lead a series of popular and successful combos.

Notable among these groups were the Chimeras, a powerhouse Zubia formed along with his brother Lawrence, longtime friend Doug Hopkins - co-founder of Gin Blossoms - Scott Andrews and Mark Riggs.

The Chimeras eventually morphed into the Pistoleros and with the name change also came a major label recording and EMI publishing contract. The group’s Hollywood Records debut “Hang On To Nothing” found the Zubias collaborating with a number of notable names, including Gary Louris & Marc Perlman (Jayhawks), Radney Foster (Foster & Lloyd) and Pat DiNizio (Smithereens).

In July 2019, Mark was inducted into The Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame.

MZ continues to write, record and perform solo, with his band Los Guys and various acoustic projects.

His evolution as a vital American singer, songwriter and artist is ongoing.



"Mistaken for Granted" (El Rey Records) - Chimeras

"Los Guys" - Los Guys

"Hang on to Nothing" (Hollywood Records) - Pistoleros

"Pistoleros" - Pistoleros

"Bars & Guitars" - Pistoleros

"Voices on the Street" (El Rey Records) - Zubia Brothers

"Parts of Yesterday" (El Rey Records) - Mark Zubia

"Situations & Places Like This" (El Rey Records) - Zubia + DeGuvera

"Between Dark and Dawn (El Rey Records) - Los Guys

"Shine" (Fervor Records) - Pistoleros

"Silver" (Fervor Records) - Pistoleros

"Zubia" (Fervor Records) - Mark Zubia